Neutral Density Filter-Hero3/3+/4(Frame)
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Neutral Density Filter-Hero3/3+/4(Frame)

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Neutral Density Filter- fyrir GoPro HERO3/3+/4(Frame)

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This newest version of our Neutral Density filter features a brand new glass filter with even better optics than its predecessor. The new glass is also stronger. In addition to the new glass, this filters frame got a complete overhaul by bulking it up with more material and over molding the glass for higher durability. The filter is very simple to install, just slide it right onto the Hero3+ waterproof housing.

The most common application we use a Neutral Density filter for is when we want to make moving things blurred. The GoPro Hero3+ has a very high shutter speed so often times when moving fast, nothing is blurred, creating the illusion that you are not moving quickly. For example when in the car the neutral density filter will blur the pavement and it creates the illusion of speed. Another use for the neutral density filter is for aviation, remote control planes, and shooting with quadcopters. The filter reduces the jello-effect which happens when the camera is mounted to vehicles with high vibration.

Possibly the simplest thing to use an ND filter for is just toning down bright scenes. If it is really bright out the Neutral Density filter will reduce some of the blown out highlights and leave you will an even more crisp video.