Polarizer Filter HERO4 Session
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Polarizer Filter HERO4 Session

4.990 kr.


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  • Compatible with both Hero5 and Hero4 Session cameras
  • Helps reduce glare off of bright surfaces such as water and snow
  • Prevents overexposed and "blown-out" shots
  • Increases color saturation and contrast
  • Protects the camera lens
  • Secure snap-on design for instant installation/removal
  • Limited lifetime warranty


The Polarizer Filter for the GoPro Hero5 and Hero4 Session is a great tool for capturing the best quality video. Because the Session camera utilizes a smaller sensor than the Hero4 Black and Silver, in bright locations the Session may overexpose the scene.  The Polarizer is a great way to reduce the amount of excess light from entering the camera's sensor, allowing the Session to capture sharper, more detailed colors, while also reducing glare and improving color saturation and contrast. With PolarPro's secure snap-on design, the Polarizer can be quickly installed and removed as needed.  Pop on the Polarizer in bright conditions and capture the most epic Session content possible.